Animal Crossing party balloons and plates available on Etsy and eBay

Animal Crossing party decoration ideas for the perfect birthday party

Our little boy is turning 10! And because we are both completely obsessed with this cute popular game, we are celebrating his birthday with the perfect Animal Crossing party!  This Animal Crossing birthday party idea has been so much fun to put together. I loved using a bit of creativity to turn all the icons of the game into our very own DIY party decorations. Palm trees, floating gifts, bell bags, and KK Slider – this kid’s theme is so adorable!

As you can tell, my son is completely thrilled by how it all turned out. I want to share with you all my ideas on how I styled it, so you can easily create your own Animal Crossing party.

For a limited time, you can find this complete Animal Crossing party kit on eBay (and Etsy!). Read on to see how this adorable party comes together. 

10th Birthday party idea Animal Crossing decorations DIY

Animal Crossing birthday party colours

The Animal Crossing party theme is basically a take on the classic tropical island or Hawaiian party, so any of your favourite bright colours work here. I chose a leafy green and bright yellow colour combination, accented with pops of red. 

Animal Crossing game footage happy birthday cake villagers

Gift wrap for an Animal Crossing DIY kids party

The floating balloons in Animal Crossing tie in perfectly with a birthday party theme!

In my party kit you can find all the materials I used to make these.

First, use a thick red ribbon around a square, white gift box. Then, fill a red balloon with helium and secure it with a curling ribbon to the red bow on the box. 

In party kit I also put a smaller version of this and another balloon. But if you want to make more then just cover any box with 3 layers of stacked white tissue paper and repeat the same step with some ribbon and red balloon.

For the other presents, I used a rainbow patterned wrapping paper I found at Tesco. 

You get a 2-for-1 here as the Animal Crossing floating presents can also hold your child’s birthday presents! 

Child with Animal Crossing gift box red balloon party decoration DIY

Animal Crossing character balloon ideas 

One of my son’s favourite Animal Crossing characters is art dealer Redd, the slightly shifty fox.

I found a super cute mylar fox balloon, which looks just like him. Then I added an extra-large palm tree mylar balloon, which gave the space above the table height and colour.

Redd fox Animal Crossing party balloon decoration kit eBay etsy

For sparkle and contrast, I laid out a simple white tablecloth and sprinkled it with shimmery green leaf-shaped confetti.

Place settings are a cinch with Animal Crossing-themed paper plates and cups. The ones I have are a little on the small side, so I saved the little ones for cupcakes, using larger yellow plates for serving lunch. The Animal Crossing cups are a little small-ish too, so I’m saving those to put small treats in for our guests, rather than filling drinks. But you could really choose to do either. 

Paper straws with fruit-shaped honeycomb make a fun accent, and the seagrass placemats tie in well with the theme (these are placemats are from Ikea).

On the ceiling, I used pushpins to put up Animal Crossing paper bunting, and on the wall, I hung a Happy Birthday banner. These are perfect for filling out space above and behind the table.

Party food for an Animal Crossing birthday

I used green, glittery leaf-shaped food picks to make the food platters match with everything. These are great because you can effortlessly serve any of your favourite party food with them. I made all of the kids’ party favourites: trays of mini jam sandwiches, bowls of strawberries, Pom-Bear crisps and homemade chocolate chip cookies. You could also go wild with a fruit theme as those are the main foods of the Animal Crossing game. 

Animal Crossing game birthday cake balloons banner

Level up your Animal Crossing party

This is a birthday party of course, and the trick of making your party that much better is to think like your birthday kid. My son is crazy about plushies, so I found an adorable KK Slider soft toy and propped it against a leafy house plant. (This is included in my Animal Crossing party kits!)

Animal Crossing KK Slider plush toy on birthday party table

I also found a gorgeous velveteen bell bag, just like in Animal Crossing. I filled it with everyone’s favourite sweets to share at the party.

As we are celebrating a 10th birthday, I put two silver balloons with a one and a zero in the centre of the table as well, so you could try that too. I found these balloons at Tesco in their party aisle. 

Last, but not least, music! This part is genius. Head over to Youtube and you’ll find lots of Animal Crossing: New Horizons music. Here’s a sample playlist for you.

Job done!

Animal Crossing Party Ideas DIY Bell Bag


And that’s it – a super easy-to-put-together Animal Crossing party. I hope you enjoyed all of my Animal Crossing birthday party decoration ideas.

If you want to purchase this party kit links are below.  

99-piece handmade Animal Crossing Party Decoration Kit available now!

eBay – Animal Crossing party kit

Etsy – Animal Crossing party kit

Make it easy on yourself, check out my 99-piece Animal Crossing party decoration box on eBay. I have put together a super neat collection of everything from plates and bunting, to table confetti and balloons.

I was only able to make a small number of boxes, so have a look and grab one before they sell out!

Animal Crossing video game on TV screen birthday party cupcakes

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